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Opua Business Association (OBA): Nurturing Community Prosperity

At the heart of Opua, the OBA is a collective of local businesses committed to advancing and sustaining business activity within our vibrant community. Our mandate is simple but powerful: "Supporting business activity in the Opua community."

Our Vision:

  1. Drive Employment: We aim to serve as a catalyst for creating employment opportunities within our immediate community.

  2. Foster Relationships: Embracing the strength of unity, we seek to foster robust relationships among all businesses in the Opua community.

  3. Integral Community Role: We empower our members to play integral roles in contributing to the vitality of the Opua community.

Membership Benefits:

  • Gateway Magazine Advertising: Exclusive OBA member rates for advertising opportunities in the Gateway Magazine (separate charge).

  • Prominent Business Exposure: Display your business cards prominently in the Boatyard and Marina offices and the Cruisers Lounge.

  • Warm Welcome Bags Inclusion: An A4 listing in the Welcome Bags to warmly greet new cruisers to the community.

  • Online Presence: Your business, along with contact details, will be prominently featured on the BOI Marina and OpuaBA Websites, ensuring a strong online footprint. Additionally, connect with our community on our vibrant OBA Facebook page.

  • Exclusive Event Invitations: Receive invitations to OBA-sponsored events, fostering networking and collaboration.

  • Regional Exposure: Seize the opportunity for promotional material distribution throughout the Pacific Islands, in collaboration with the BOI Marina and Boatyard, and explore additional prospects as they arise.

Join the Movement!

As we pave the way for Opua's economic growth and community spirit, we invite you to be an active participant in this journey. Become an OBA member today and contribute to the thriving tapestry of our local businesses. Let's shape the future of Opua together!

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Cruisers Festival
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Our members

"Meet Our Community"

Get to know the faces behind Opua's vibrant business community. Click here to explore our members and discover the diverse businesses that make OBA unique. Join us in building connections and celebrating local success stories!

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Cruisers Festival Seminar
Tradeshow images
Cruisers Festival Seminar

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